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Custom Engraving Keychains & Keyrings offers the option to engrave your Keychains! Engraving initials, company name, or any message is extremely easy with Simple follow these instructions:

Step 1

Order Keychain(s)

Please order a keychain(s) on our website like normal. If you would like to engrave a message on the back of your keychain please select the $5.99 add-on option.


Step 2

Fill In What You Want Engraved

Type in what you want engraved and click "add to cart".

Depending upon the keychain, you can engrave between one line with 4 characters and three lines with 11 characters per line.

Only English letters and symbols on a standard keyboard can be engraved on our keychains.  Contact us regarding corporate logo engraving.


 Step 3

Receive Your Engraved Keychain(s)

It takes 5-7 business days for us to process, engrave, and package engraving orders. It takes 2-3 days for a regular order to be shipped with priority mail. So on average it will take 1-2 weeks to receive an engraved keychain from the time you ordered it.


Engraving Size:

3 lines of text, 11 characters per line.

Engraving Size Monogram (INITIALS):

1 line of text, 3 characters.


What Keychains Engrave The Best? Teardrop Keychains (silver, black, blue, or green) engrave the best. Not only do our teardrop keychains have the most room but their stainless steel finish leaves a great finish!